Q. When do you open?
A. 09:00 ~ 18:00 Japan time.
Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays are closed.

Q. What's the payment currency?
A. Every payment transaction are handled in only Japanese Yen.
We display the expected dollar amount, but it's not accurate.
If you pay in a currency other than JPY, it will be automatically corrected at the exchange rate that changes every day.

Q. My order is taking too long time to arrive. What should I do?
A. If your order doesn't arrive for too long, at first, check the status by entering your tracking number on the Japan Post website. (Click here)
In other case, our delivery system is international delivery, it may be stopped at customs or the post office around you. To contact them first can be helpful for you.
Also, EMS or Registered ePacket are usually delivered and receive your confirmation, but other unregistered shipments may be left at the door of your house. Please check them out.
If you have checked all these and still can't find your package, please contact us first. We will help you solve your problem immediately.
If you apply for your credit card company's chargeback first, there can be delays in our processes.
Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any problem or question about this case.

Q. What are reward points based on?
A. The amount purchased is based on. Earned in Japanese Yen, excluding shipping cost.
Your points are earned at 2% and you have the chance to earn more points than usual by holding regular events. Please check it out!

Q. Why does the dollar-based price change sometimes?
A. All payments are based on Japanese Yen(¥).
So we regularly refresh the JPY-USD exchange rate, which can affect the displayed dollar price.
Generally we refresh exchange rate at AM 9:00~10:00 in Japan time.

Q. Are your products 100% authentic?
A. We are a registered company by the government of Japan as a online retail store.
We supply 100% authentic goods from wholesalers and manufacturers as a general partnership store in Japan.
Our motto is to provide you with the hottest and newest and most popular genuine products in japan, and we always do our best make reasonable price.

Q. How do I change/cancel my order?
A. Sorry but as this is an international shipping, your order cannot be changed/cancelled after shipment.
Before shipping, cancellation is possible. Please feel free sent e-mail to us. 
If you want to make a change your order, please cancel your order once and reorder.

Q. I received the product but there is missing/damaged content.
A. Please contact us by email and we will check and process it immediately.
In case of damage, please take a picture and send it to us for faster processing.

Q. My order has been taxed. What should I do?
A. We cannot determine whether the order is subject to local customs in your country.
Please follow the customs payment procedure according to the import regulations of each country and local customs.

Q. I have a tariff about my order, but I can't pay it. Can I return products?
A. We do not accept returns or refunds due to payment of customs duties.
Please check the tariffs of each shipping country/region before ordering.

Q. Can you give me the price on the invoice that is lower than the actual price?
A. It is impossible to write anything different from the facts.
We complies with Japanese law.

Q. My order was delayed before shipping. Why is this happening?
A. Although we have close ties with each brand and wholesaler, sometimes it takes a little longer than usual for some goods to be supplied.
In this case, we will contact you by e-mail separately. You can cancel the delayed item for faster shipment, or choose to wait.

Q. Which shipping options can I choose?
A. All products will be shipped via Japan Post.
You can choose one of four shipping options: EMS, SAL and 2 kinds of e-Packet.

Q. Will shipping costs increase if I purchase multiple items?
A. The number of items and shipping charges are not relevant.
However, shipping costs may increase depending on the weight of the product.

Q. There is only EMS for the shipping options I can choose. What happened to me?
A. Other shipping options except EMS have a weight limit of 2kg and a volume limit of 90cm.
And in some countries, ePacket or SAL are not delivered.
If exceeded, non-selectable options will not be shown automatically.
We are really sorry, but please choose EMS or try to reduce the number of products.